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Until you make the unconscious 
conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. 

Shadow Worker/INFJ/Empath


As a holistic healer, I have an eclectic blend of magic, earth and cosmic energy, and a quirky dose of humor. My work in the healing arts began after a near-death experience in 1992 when I was delivered from a multi-drug addiction and filled with the Holy Spirit and the gifts of faith & healing. Since then, I have been walking the spiritual path and been taught to hone my intuitive and psychic awareness, so I can share the healing energy I received to help others. I believe in miracles! 

I am deeply connected to animals and the earth elements, and have no fear of death. I have been called to help people with the "darker" aspects of our human condition such as: Addiction, betrayal, depression, cancer, and emotional abuse. My journey has been humbling, miraculous, and continually evolving. I've been shown everything we need to know about life can be learned through observing nature and connecting with the Spirit that is in all living things, with a heart-centered intention. 


Sometimes, our heart becomes hardened or walled off as the result of trauma and living in an increasingly disconnected society. We will explore where you may need healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically and determine the best way to address those areas for you. On this earth-walk, I've found it necessary to consider our "humanness" from a multidimensional perspective because the mind and body cannot be separated; each is in relation to the other and connected to the whole. Physical dis-ease is usually the manifestation of a mental dis-ease. Addressing one without the other would be missing critical information we need to be healthy and embody our wholeness. My practice includes tools to investigate where you may have an energy block or are missing a part of the blueprint that is uniquely you.

Whatever your challenges are, supporting from a place of neutrality and non-judgement is my way. As a guide, I hope to help you discover your own truth, not tell you what that is. The Universe/God makes the rules, not me. 


My specialty is helping empaths break free and recover from narcissistic abuse.  As you are able to step into a growth mindset and love yourself completely, joy is restored and your authentic self can be fully appreciated. 


It is my reward to serve you as we honor the past, believe in the future, and embrace the present.  ~AMY RAINE


Wow! I just had my first session with Amy and there is a word to describe it - sublime...

Jody W. 

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